Armoires Bernier
Bernier - Armoires uniques

Bernier kitchen and bathroom designs:
an inspiring tradition since 1965

The company was founded by Maurice Bernier and Rita Lepage in 1965 and continues to grow, inspired by a third, dynamic generation of the Bernier family. Grandsons Benoît and Sylvain have joined Yvon to ensure the longevity of this family heritage.

From the very beginning, honesty, family spirit, respect, and harmony have been essential to our growth, forming the basis of our business relations.

Bernier is aware of the impacts of its activities and has for years been involved in a process of manufacturing its unique kitchen and bathroom designs and using raw materials responsibly.

Committed to delivering what you want,
how you want it

Today, over 75 employees work every day to create unique kitchen and bathroom designs. With our ongoing training, encouragement for innovation, cutting-edge technology, and over 40,000 square feet of ingenuity, we can promise that our products will live up to your expectations.

The Bernier team offers special staining expertise (glazes and more) and is recognized for its quality finishes that surpass industry standards.

Flexible, reliable, and friendly, the Bernier approach guarantees cabinets that match your creative talent.

Contact us to discover the advantages of Bernier made-to-order kitchens and bathrooms.