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An Innovative and Celebrated Manufacturer

Bernier continues to surpass all expectations pushing the boundaries of “normal or standard” cabinetry. Our plethora of options can create the perfect look you are seeking throughout your home.

Your search for a cabinet maker is over: Bernier brings the quality you need!

Bernier Cabinetry,Not Just a Manufacturer

Bernier Cabinetry is born of a passion that has been passed down the generations since 1965. Now under the joint leadership of the second and third generations of the Bernier family, the company has become one of the cabinet manufacturers in Quebec.

Yvon, son of company founders Maurice Bernier and Rita Lepage, beams with fulfillment when he thinks back on the achievements of the family business over the last 35 years. He looks on with pride at his sons Benoît and Sylvain’s shrewd contributions to the business since they joined as shareholders in 2009.

Our company is renowned for its expertise, innovativeness and continuous growth. Through the years, we’ve built a robust distribution network in Canada and United States.

You too can become part of the extended Bernier family!

The Strong Values Behind Bernier’s Excellence

We take pride in our excellent reputation and honor our family values of respect, loyalty and honesty in all our relationships. No wonder the average Bernier team member has been with us for over 14 years! In fact, our most experienced factory employee recently celebrated 42 years with Bernier.

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Bernier Pioneers Green Practices

Bernier spearheads manufacturers in adopting new production methods that reduce our company’s ecological footprint. We recycle numerous materials, produce less waste and use fewer toxic compounds, all without compromising the quality of our products.

Choose Bernier for high-grade products made with the environment in mind.

Here are some of our eco-friendly achievements:

CARB2 Environmental Standard

We control formaldehyde emissions during the transformation process of our wooden products.

Energy-Saving Systems

Our dust collectors are more efficient and use less power.

Local Sourcing & Reduced Shipping of Materials

We used locally sourced wood to reduce shipping emissions.

Formaldehyde Elimination

Our plywood and polyester doors are now produced without formaldehyde.

Emissions Reduction

Our finishing products are low in volatile organic compounds.

Recycling of Materials

We collect finishing waste such as solvents and try to find new uses for it.

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