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We take pride in creating high-grade custom cabinets. Our team is aware of the need for renewal in the world of bespoke cabinetry, and as such, we always uphold the highest standards in our industry. In an effort to keep providing the quality and customer service our company has always been lauded for, we’ve upgraded nearly 80% of our factory in the past two years. By keeping our equipment at the forefront of technology, we increase the efficiency of our processes and ensure our products are of exceptional quality.

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    The Latest Innovations of Bernier Cabinetry

    Spring 2016

    We acquired an innovative saw whose intelligent storage function helps us streamline our inventory. This device can stock over a thousand different sheets of material at once, which speeds up project submission and processing for a faster service.

    Winter 2017

    We purchased an autonomous painting robot that features a drying system. This machine quickly and precisely produces a truly impeccable, high-quality finish by eliminating all risk of human error.

    Summer 2017

    A 10,000-square feet expansion brought the size of our factory to 50,000 square feet, allowing us to completely revamp our production and assembly lines.

    Winter 2018

    We acquired an Italian cabinet assembly clamp. This specialty assembly device guarantees that structures are perfectly squared, facilitating on-site installation.

    Winter 2020

    Our painting robot was replaced by a device offering even greater precision, performance, and speed. This new painting robot allows for various large-scale projects and guarantees the exceptional quality of all our products, from samples to full kitchens.

    Our innovations don’t end there!

    Spring 2021

    Upcoming upgrade of our internal order reception system to a brand-new online system.

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